Vorseth Industries Co-Founder - Ryan

Vorseth Industries Co-Founder - Ryan

Welcome to Vorseth Industries!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan and I am a co-founder of Vorseth Industries. Why did we create this business? Because we love collectibles, be it sci-fi, Lego, trading cards, board games, movie props, fantasy, D&D and many more.

My early years I remember specific things that captured my attention and imagination. Around 1990 that really kicked off when my parents got me a Lego Forbidden Island 6270 Lego set. This set was so much fun, it had pirates, a cannon, shark and a hideout, all on this printed Lego board. I still remember it so well 30 years on and my Lego collection only grew bigger, branching into early space and medieval sets.

Moving into the mid to late 90s, my interest in computers and game consoles grew. The original Sony Playstation was my first console and I still have it to this day. Final Fantasy 7, VRally, Gran Turismo and Twisted Metal are some of the best games i remember, along with arguing with my friends that had a Nintendo 64. 

I was always happy to have the Playstation Vs Nintendo debate, as my friends were always happy to come over and play Command and Conquer, Twisted Metal, Tekken. Then around 1999 something called Pokemon came along.

Lucky for me, my parents got me a Gameboy color with Pokemon Red and my sister a Gameboy color with Pokemon Blue. I played through both multiple times to try and catch them all. Which led to the purchase of a link cable to find those hard to get ones. 

Anyone from that generation will remember playing a non-backlit gaming console in a car at night and trying to use each street light to get about another 3 seconds of game play.

The going into the start of the 00s was an explosion of things that I could just not get enough of; Pokemon Cards, Magic the Gathering Cards and Warhammer. But the two biggest things were my introduction to Lord of the Rings and my dad taking me to the re-release in theaters of something called Star Wars...

To this day, the Star Wars universe is still something that captures my attention with every new bit of content and I love to see the way Dave Filoni is carrying on George Lucas's legacy.

Now in my late 30s, I love the work being done by Adam Savage and his work through Mythbusters and onto his work with Tested and making "Making" accessible to more people. His channel and book are fantastic and I hope he continues to make for a very long time. 

I think that covers a good snapshot of my love of collectible things and I will likely expand on certain areas in future blog posts. Welcome to Vorseth Industries, please reach out if you have had similar stories to this as we would love to hear them. 


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