Vorseth Industries Co-Founder - Paul

Vorseth Industries Co-Founder - Paul

Hello and welcome to Vorseth Industries, my name is Paul (he/him), and along with Ryan, founded this little webstore for nerd/geek culture collectibles, the range of products we currently offer will be limited as we begin this venture. As time rolls on, however, trends will change and things develop, and we may end up stocking other items/collectibles in the future.

For my first posting here, I thought I might introduce myself, share a little bit about my interests, my collections and talk about collecting in general. I have always, to some extent, been a collector of things, not always for any particular rhyme or reason. I have collected; coins, model kits, stamps, Thomas the Tank Engine toys, Transformers, Lego sets, TV show/movie DVD/VHS box sets (yes I am VHS old), board games, franchise promotional material and PC Game Collector's Editions; to name most of them.

My interests are currently travelling through the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) multiverse; with podcasts, live streams, homebrewing, collecting models (official and third-party), dice, game accessories, dice, dice bags, dice vaults and dice! LOL! I am not a dice daemon, like Laura Bailey of Critical Role, but my dice bag does make a good thud noise when dropped onto a table.

I am one of the lucky few who have the opportunity to be both a Dungeon Master/Game Master (DM/GM) and a player. Not always at the same time but sometimes, and the variety helps keep me interested and engaged.

My collection of D&D miniatures has been slowly expanding, over the past few years, with a mix a 3D and 2.5D models. Although I do appreciate and occasionally use the 'theatre of the mind' there is nothing more satisfying than watching your players get both excited and completely panicking, when you place a gargantuan dragon in front of them and have it towering over their own minis.

If you are a DM, looking for a new monster to throw at your players, or a player looking to dip their toes into running a one-shot, feel free to jump onto the webstore, check out what monsters inspire you for your next or first session. Shameless plug, I know, but I will continue. If you are a player and want to fight a specific monster, buy it and gift it to your DM. Collecting lots of models for a campaign can get really expensive, fast. Your DM will appreciate the contribution to their game, their menagerie of monsters and they can't get out of running the campaign until you get to fight the new monster. *evil laughter*

Thanks for staying a while and listening.

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