3d Printing In Affiliation With Galactic Armory

3d Printing In Affiliation With Galactic Armory

It has been an interesting and busy couple of months.

In January, we received our Bambu Labs X1C and partnered as an authorised seller with Galactic Armory, renowned for their fantastic range of Star Wars Helmets, Armor, Figurines, and various other projects. If you haven't explored their collection yet, check them out at galacticarmory.net and use the code VorsethInd to get 5% of their range of print files.

Additionally, we were fortunate enough to acquire an Elegoo Saturn, allowing us to venture into the world of resin printing.

Our goal is to offer a service for printing these designs for individuals who either don't own a 3D printer themselves, are facing difficulties printing their desired designs, or simply prefer to order parts for their own cosplay or unique figurines.

For those who do own a 3D printer and wish to try printing themselves, you can visit Galactic Armory's website, where you can purchase the print files at a very affordable price and support a great team.

Why did we wait a couple of months before announcing this? Because we wanted to ensure that the products we provide meet our standards, those of Galactic Armory, and most importantly, yours. Additionally, we aim to offer custom sizing options, ensuring that the helmets fit comfortably regardless of head size, rather than providing only the default size available with the Black Series.

Initially, we will start by offering a limited selection of designs and providing realistic time frames for your position in the queue and the duration of the print. However, we highly encourage you to contact us at vorsethindustries@gmail.com and let us know if there are any other designs by Galactic Armory that interest you, and we will consider prioritizing them.

Behind the scenes testing

Captain Enoch parts ready for assembly
Captain Enoch Assembled
Rogue One Stormtrooper Helmet ready for assembly
Rogue One Stormtrooper Helmet assembled
Rogue One Stormtrooper Armor glue (Always need more clamps)
Rogue One Stormtrooper Armor glue more parts
A Grogu is born
Grogu needs a wash
Grogu Bath time
Grogu Disco Party Suntan Time
Happy Grogu 
Late Stage Sanding Rogue One Stormtrooper Helmet
Mid Stage Sanding Captain Enoch Helmet
Late Stage Sanding 90% scale Sabine Wren Helmet
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